Mihlali Ndamase claims she used to get R50k monthly girlfriend allowance

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In TshisaLIVE, Mihlali Ndamase alleges she used to collect an R50k monthly girlfriend allowance.

Mihlali Ndamase's boyfriend used to offer her money as a reward for dating him.

Image courtesy of Mihlali Ndamase on Instagram.

Mihlali Ndamase, a YouTube influencer, invited rapper Boity Thulo on her channel, and after the two had cocktails and shots, they started spilling tea, with Mihlali revealing she was paid R50k per month as a girlfriend allowance.

The two had a pleasant talk over drinks, and Mihlali had prepared questions for her and Boity to respond for the sake of entertainment.

Boity asked Mihlali what the biggest amount of money she's ever received from a man she was dating a few minutes into their conversation. I used to have a girlfriend allowance, and shame it was cute." He used to pay me R50,000 every month. "I was overjoyed," Mihlali exclaimed.

Boity claims she has never received a girlfriend stipend. Instead, she said that the men she dated always gave her what she desired.

The rapper stated that her dream girlfriend allowance would be about half a million dollars.I already put in a lot of effort and have a lot of possessions, so if you're going to donate something, it can't be like a piggy bank.

I honestly believe that if you paid me R450k a month, I wouldn't bother you," she claimed.

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Tweeps were astounded at how Mihlali and Boity "downplayed R50k" as if it were nothing.

The following are some of the responses:

This isn't the first time Mihlali's remarks have shaken the TL.

The influencer, who isn't afraid to speak her mind, is frequently asked for her thoughts on various topics. She recently revealed the details of her failed lip filler procedure. Mihlali went up about getting lip fillers on her YouTube channel after there was a lot of conjecture on the internet that she might have had a lip job.

The lip filler cost her more than R5,000, but the results were not what she had hoped for.

"Basically, I felt like my lips were messed up, and a lot of people noticed." "You guys know how my face looks," she remarked in the video, which quickly went viral on Twitter.

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