Marriage Is A Commitment Not An Investment


You deserve someone who has plans on marrying you one day.

Love is not a game. It’s an investment. Commitment.

You know, as a man you should look at your girl as the mother of your future babies. She could be your girl for a lifetime. She will be your baby mama, partner and best friend, all in one.

If you can not picture her in the aisle walking towards you with a teary eye, leave her alone.

If you can not picture out buying your first house, your dream car, building family with her, leave her alone.

If marriage isn’t the goal, then what’s the point?

Let your love vows be of commitment not investment.

Never attempt to love or marry just to have fun or just to get a baby mama, be prepared to make a commitment so as not mess up someone else's life.

If you happen to secure a lady or a man, always have the intent to marry her, if you don't have any intention of taking him or her to the alter, then it would be much advisable to keep back and quiet the relationship immediately.