No Where to Run For Unvaccinated Kenyans as High Court Gives Directives on 'Mandatory' Vaccines

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The High Court has refused to suspend the recent directives by the government through the Ministry of Health whereby they require Kenyans to be vaccinated in order to receive government services. Judge Anthony Mrima has declined to issue a conservatory order in a case filed by lawyer who is fighting for the suspension of mandatory vaccination to Kenyans. [Photo Courtesy]

The judge further granted Attorney general Kihara Kariuki who is representing the Ministry of Health Cabinet Secretary ten days to file their pleading in the case presented by lawyer Winfred Otieno Ochieng.

The directive by the court comes after the Attorney general through lawyer Victor Ondieki pleaded with the court not to issue suspension orders against mandatory vaccination until the issue presented by lawyer Winfred Otieno is settled.

Lawyer Winfred Otieno had submitted his petition to the court seeking to bar the Ministry of Health from enforcing mandatory vaccination to Kenyans. He urged the court to temporarily suspend the directives by the government until the case he has presented is resolved.

The move by the lawyer might see some Kenyans who are against Coronavirus vaccines go home while happy. For now, their hopes are still in the hands of the Judges and we are still waiting to hear how the court will rule about it on December 20, 2021.

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