Wonderful innovation; check out photos of the latest human-feet shoes that are trending online.


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Creativity is thinking up new things; innovation is making new things…so they say. The human race is fast growing into a race of innovation, where great ideas have been transformed into practical realities. In modern times, products, concepts, or combinations have been activated in the marketplace to produce new profits and growth for the organizations.

The era of smart foot wears has just begun, with some modern boots, coming out in the model of human-feet, devil’s horns, and heels… in the shape of bones. All these foot wears are made to look like human’s skin and flesh tone; which transforms the wearer’s legs into something spiritual, or beyond earthly reality.

These human-feet shoes, upon first sight, could be mistaken for real human feet, except for the laces which comes in different colours, and stitched in front of the foot wears. Some models are made with hairs, or with socks. Like normal footwear, these latest models also came in different sizes, colours and shoe packaging.

The photos of this rare shoe invention, has made its way to social media, and causing mixed reactions among social media users. 

The debut in foot wears, has hit the internet, causing huge debate on social media; with many online users describing it as awkward, weird and scary.

Would you like to buy any of these human-feet shoes? And would you feel comfortable wearing any of these foot wears in public?

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