"She Deserves To Die"- See What This House Help Did To Her Madam's Child That Got People Talking


Everyone need to be extremely careful on the type of house help you employ or individuals you give permission to take care of your kids. 

Many parents find it hard to take care of their children themselves because they are busy hunting for money or doing one thing or the other to provide food at the table. 

A house help have been caught showing some act of wickedness best known to her, " the mother of the child noticed how dirty and unkept the feeding bottle of her child look like with something like water filled inside. 

She started interrogating her house help who's a young lady also after some interrogation. 

 the young house help confess that she has been feeding the young baby with her own urine for some time now this really shocking. 

This wicked act happened in Uganda. After some examination carried out from the baby look the woman rush her baby to the hospital for more examinations. 

It was discovered the baby have been infected by syphilis because of much intake of urine, the doctor is also trying his best to keep the baby in a good health to avoid other health implications. 

After some process the woman get upset and took the matter to the police station. The matter has been looked at and the young lady who did this wicked act have been arrested and sentenced to 4 years in prison. 

We give verified news to get the fact click here and watch the video>>>>https://youtu.be/YvhJMoWLYAg

Note: please parents should always try to monitor their children no matter how busy you are. the world we are today is full of wickedness. 

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