5 Facebook Groups Every Kenyan Should Join.


Facebook Groups have become communities where like-minded people can share ideas and engage in discussions on a single platform.

Statistics have shown that at least 1000 facebook groups are created every day with the aim of sharing information.

Below are Kenya's most popular groups;

1. Let's Cook Kenyan Meals.

This private facebook group, created in 2013 by Pamela Oduor, has grown to be one of Kenya's biggest groups with over 2million members.

Here, food enthusiasts meet to share ideas on recipes and other food related topics.

Members also participate in challenges and winners are awarded with gift hampers from popular food brands.

2. Home Beautiful (Kenya).

If you are into beautiful house plans, landscaping ideas, interior design and cars, then this is definitely the group for you.

The private facebook group was created in February 2020 and has since grown to over 379 thousand members.

3. Buyer Beware– Kenya (Original).

With over 306 thousand members, this group features members who share their customer/client service stories.

It also highlights social injustices and violation of human rights, and tries to seek solutions for them.

The group also has an associated telegram channel dabbed Singles Hour. Here singles mingle to try find their soul mates. It costs one thousand Kenya shillings to join the channel.

4. Group Kenya.

The public group boasts at over 206 thousand members.

It provides a platform where Kenyans can engage in both local and international discussions on various topics including entertainment, politics, religion and news.

5. Kilimani Mums and Dads Original ( Uncensored).

The group, created in 2016 has grown to accumulate over 146 thousand vibrant members.

The name of the group could fool you to think that it's a parenting group. It is rather a community of people who share the hottest gossip, hilarious memes and videos and trending topics related to dating and social life in general.

This is by far the most interesting group I have come across.

Please share other facebook groups you think every Kenyan should be a part of.

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