Steve Ogolla Drops a Bombshell To ODM's Camp Condemns The Party After Rowdy Crowd Attacks Wanjingi

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"I condemned the violent attack on Honorable Wanjingi" This is the latest statement from the lawyer Steve Ogolla. Lawyer Steve Ogolla is among the leaders who have furiously condemned the latest attack on hon Wanjingi. The political temperature in our country has been gaining day after day.

All political leaders have been laying strategies that might help them ahead of 2022. However, today has been the toughest day ever for the honorable Wanjingi.

His motorcade has allegedly been attacked by youth. The rowdy youths threw stones at the Wanjingi. This is not the first time where political leaders are attacked. A few weeks ago, deputy president William Ruto's motorcade was allegedly attacked in Nyeri by rowdy youths.

These vices should be stopped by independent entities such as DCI. As we move close to the next elections, political leaders should preach peace rather than hatred.

Lawyer Steve Ogolla message has stirred online reactions forcing them to react differently.

"Agreed. Violence is never an answer to anything. But Jimmy should also assess his surroundings. He cannot change a party slogan for clout. He is also hell-bent on provoking ODM supporters." Citizen said.

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