Take a look at how johannesburg looked like back in the 1900's

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Johannesburg despite it's crime and larege population it is a world class city founded in 1886.The city had gold on it's reef which lead to it's name the city of Gold .Johannesburg is a city mixed with all kinds of people and culture .The city is filled with so many businesses and opportunities. WELL below we've got a number of images of the city back before it was world class.

this imagr is a before and after image of town in johannesburg.

In the image above we see that some buildings have been there from a long time and are still there .

Pritchard street before

Pritchard street today

#Braamfontein before

Braamfontein today

Benoni before

Benoni today

Over view of johannesburg before

Over view of johannesburg today

Park station before

Park station today

Commissioner street before

Commissioner street today

Over view of wits university before

Over view of wits university today

This is Hillbrow back in the 1940's

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