The relationship between Restaurant owner that employs foreigners & Malema goes back 15 years

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Yerebakan, the owner of Kreme Restaurant representative refused too meet Julius. He says he is a politician and there is the government he have to deal with. He said have been serving for the last 15 years. He changed his policies on foreigners. The week before he went on TV saying that he was going to visit his restaurant in the mall of Africa. He have served him a lot. He said, his foreign stuff said there are afraid, they are going to lose their jobs. If he does write a letter ask your about the ratio and about the labour laws around employing foreigners.


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The owner of KREAM says Julius Malema has been coming to KREAM for around 15 years “my staff knows him, they have photos with him”. He told me Malema has been spending big. He says he believes Malema is playing politics #TheCMShow

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