The 10 Bad Habits Your Spouse Is Using To Destroy Your Marriage Or Relationship.


In as much Marriage or Relationship is concerned, there are some lifestyle that's connected to marital challenge of which so many individuals is facing today. 

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Whether you or your partner is facing any of these problems below, please think about sitting down to resolve it amicably or schedule a meeting with a marriage or relationship therapist who will assist you guys in dealing with it.

With the help of this article, I want to discuss with you the 9 important things you must avoid in your marriage or relationship if you want to enjoy your partner.

1) Absence Of Respect. Showing no respect to your partner is abnormal and will negatively affect your partner's love towards you. Avoid saying negative words about your partner to anyone, either your friends, your family members or your colleagues in the office. 

The way you present your partner to these categories of people is how they will take him or her in their individual heart. Learn to appreciate each other, not minding the atmosphere your Marriage or Relationship maybe facing, always appreciate and encourage each other. Think positive and be kind to each other.

2) Adopt A Listening Heart. There are huge differents between when you hear someone speaking to you verbally and when you are engaged in the conversations with your heart fully focused on your spouse. 

Not minding how many tight schedule you may have and how your day may have been hectic, doesn't just listen for listening sake, you should also proof to your partner that you are actively engaged in the conversation as well.

For example, when you permit your mind to be wandering and focusing more on your mobile phone, concentrating more on the television and then ignored the topic of discussion you are having with your partner, it simply means you don't have a listening heart. You will definitely be lost in the conversation, and that's heartbroken.

3) Engage In Intimacy. When there is no any form of intimacy in your marriage or relationship, it simply means you guys are emotionally far away from each other. There should be foreplay, kissing, romancing and hugging, do this without timetable. I mean there should be no specific time for doing it. Enjoying your partner in the bed shouldn't be a challenge in your marriage or relationship. You are for each other. Intimacy is one of the gums that will make you guys inseparable.

The absence of intimacy between the both of you will automatically turn two lovers into a roommate and this is not what you wanted originally.

If there is no any form of intimacy in your marriage or relationship right now, please lovely call the attention of your lover and put things in order and if it couldn't be fix, please consult a marriage and relationship therapist.

4) Always Right In Everything. Is impossible that you are a perfect human. You can't be right in everything, in words and in action.

If you try to be Mr. Right or Ms. Right in your marriage or relationship, you may win the battle but believe me; you will definitely lose the war. In every marriage or relationship, he who loses is the winner, and he who always wants to win every argument is the loser. Don't always be the teacher, always want to direct your partner, you are the only one who can do something in the right manner of an approach. Please accept your mistake whenever you are wrong, apologize to your partner as well, it will not demote you but instead it will increase the love you have for each other.

Don't always answer questions with questions, don't use reference to answer questions that your lover asked you, answering questions with questions has not and will not be the answer to the question. For example, your partner asked you, what happened that you couldn't take the clothes inside the house, you immediately reply, did any rain drizzle on the clothes?

Be plane and kind hearted with your partner, that's love.

5) Promise And Failed. Personally I don't like promise, and I don't make promises because I don't want to fail in keeping my promise. I surprise her, and that's better.

Is not in any bye law or rules of any country or organization that you must make promises to your partner before doing it for him or her. If you can't keep the promise, don't pronounce it and if you mistakenly make a promise due to happiness, please endeavor to fulfill it to your lover by all means.

When you fulfill your promise, it increases your partner's love towards you but when you fail, it will hurt.

6) Hurtful Teasing. Immediately your partner takes your teasing to be too expensive and inappropriate, please give it a break.

Thinking that your lover doesn't have a sense of humor or maybe he or she is too sensitive is not normal and is unthinkable, play with him or her in the best way understandable to both of you and not the one that best suits you.

7) Dishonesty. Many marriages or relationships now days have failed because there's no honesty between the couples. Secrets and lies in your marriage relationship can give room to a serious emotional, spiritual and physical distance between the both of you and lack of trust as well. Truth and honesty should be the bedrock of your love towards each other. 

Imagine a lady told her husband that she is a graduate of university of Lagos, mean she has never been to a university for her whole life. This type of lies is disheartening.

8) Avoid Nasty Habits. There are some habits that can contributes to marriage relationship failure. For example; lack of personal hygiene, nitpicking everything is not really adviseable in every marriage relationship and always being late on a date. Always keeping late night.

The ugliest part is when you know you are not doing the right thing, but you prefer to continue doing it, claiming is your lifestyle and it can't be changed. 

Change it, do something new and impressive, do something your partner should intentionally try to imitate instead of regretting to have seen you doing it. Be social, admirable and attractive to your lover.

9) Avoid Selfish Mind. Selfishness in marriage or relationship is when you spend more on yourself but got angry immediately your lover makes a step to spend on himself.

Secondly, when you are always avoiding friends and family members just because you are busy and don't want to entertain anyone.

Don't take your partner to a cheap local restaurant, local buffet, unkept cinema, places you would not like to be seen mean while you have the money to go to a better place for shopping and entertainment. Is selfishness, show love to your spouse in every angle.

10) Hot Temper. It is abnormal to experience this in marriage or relationship. Your ability to handle misunderstanding in a constructive way is what make you the real man or woman. That is what makes you a matured person, that's what makes you intelligent person, that's what makes you great.

Anger can easily kill your love for each other. It can easily destroy a relationship you both has hope it will end in praise.

As a hot-tempered person, you can control yourself if you want to and that's only if you understand the damage it has cost you and the one it will still cost you.

Don't manipulate your marriage relationship with anger, learn to fight and win together for the good of your Marriage Relationship.

As a hot-tempered person, please learn anger control, read books about anger control, meet up with people who you think can help you deal with it.

In all, enjoy your love life.