I found this note wrapped with beads under his bed, Sangoma told me someone is bewitching me

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Cheating can lead to sicknesses especially to the people you are in a serious relationship with. A lady shared this post after visiting a Sangoma for consultation. This happen after she started getting strong headache lasting for two days. Realizing that she is getting sick the lady visited a local sangoma.

Only to be told that she should go straight for her baby Daddy's left side of the bed. Upon searching she found a note tied with beads. on the note the person wrote ''Let there be no piece, the two should break up''. The person trying to separate the couple is said to be the man's secret lover who visit the apartment when his main girlfriend is away.

This is what happens when you are dating more than one woman. Some ladies will do whatever they can to destroy your marriagez even worse take the life of you wife or child. Before dating numerous women beware never let them visit you for days this will happen when they leave your house.

A lady nearby died all because of her reckless boyfriend who invites people over when she is away. Trust is everything never ever invite people over it is dangerous.

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