2 Signs That You Are Dating A Professional Cheater


Nothing is sweeter, has been sweeter and will never be sweeter than falling in love with the right man or woman aside from worshiping God.

What I am trying to say is, when you fall in love with a husband or wife material, you will wish the day will never come to a close. Because you will love to be with the person every time that day.

Love makes some people lose focus of who they are and comes down to a particular person’s level, behaves like that person, speaks like such a person all because of the kind of love he or she has for either the man or a woman he or she loves.

Love is a super power source of emotional energy that moves faster than the brain because it makes one do what he or she isn't supposed to do. Its  driving force to the one who has fallen into it.

But when you are not fortunate and you fall in with a Professional cheater, you will regret it to the extent that when you don't take care you will never like to ever fall in love again.

Therefore it is very important to be very steady in your dating relationship to avoid getting married to a cheater.  Because you will never be happy in your life if you fall victim to a relationship cheater.

So in this way below are the ways you will know your significant other is not just a normal cheater but a professional one.

1. He or she takes the lead when walking together

Whenever you are walking with this kind of fiancee or lover, he or she makes sure to take the lead to avoid people seeing that you are walking together.  All that your fiance is trying to do is  to avoid being seen together by people so that he or she can date another person.

Sometimes when you confront them about it, they give you flimsy excuses why he or she is doing that. And they will say it to the extent that you will believe him word to word because they are professional cheaters.

This is the skillful performance of a professional cheater.

2. Changes his or mobile phone password

This man or woman keeps changing his or mobile phone password continuously. And one funny thing is his or her password is very strong with both, alphabets, figures and symbols mixed together. 

And when he is opening the password, he types very fast, sometimes as if he is wrong and will delete everything and type again.  All these skills being portrayed are to avoid you knowing the password.

Some also use their face lock or fingerprint to lock and open their phones. These are other signs of a professional cheater.

All though there are other ways but the above two are easily seen. Thanks so much for reading. Please kindly comment, share and follow for more lovely articles.

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