'I Think She Is A Ghost, I Couldn't Meet Her' - Nana 'TIA' Exposes Social Media Beggar.

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The Street and Online begging is becoming something else these days. As for the street, the giver can see the beggar's condition one on one. But for the online, sometimes the giver can only see Profile Picture and other details of the beggar. It's up to you to believe those details or doubt it. 'People uses fake identity to beg, or should I say scamming?'. All the same!! Have you ever found yourself begging someone to help them? This is exactly what happens to ' Nana Tia'.

Nana Tia posted that, he spend the whole day searching for a helpless lady to help only to found out it was a ghost. The only way way to pray and put the situation before God.

"Presby Nyame sika nu ashi (Lord Of Presby the money is wasted), I wasted the whole day trying to help a ghost". He wails.

About the lady he described as a ghost. Just yesterday, Thursday 27th January. A lady by the name Emelly Aidoo shared some heart breaking story and almost every member of 'TIA' falls for it. 

According to her, she told her daughter not to go to school because she wasn't having any money for her as feeding fee. Her daughter insisted and left for school without money. As a mother she was worried!! She pick her smart phone and went to online, fortunately for her, she saw a post that want to give ¢20 to some lucky members for lunch. She also comment attaching her number. Some few minutes on, she received ¢20 from TIA member. As soon as she received the money she send half of the money to her daughter in school through someone.

Later in the day, she came with another post thanking TIA and the helper for their kind gesture. As if there was more help bigger than that coming soon.... 

"Mr Yaw Kusi from USA and one unknown woman from UK called me yesterday about Emelly Aidoo post. Mr Kusi wanted to pass through me to help her daughter right from where she's to the university.madam Unknown also want to set the woman up so she wouldn't be online begging". - Nana Tia said. 

From that point, he took the number from her post. He called to inform her about the good news from America. He further asked for her location so he could go and meet her personally before any other thing. 

"I called her and she told me, she stays at Akim Oda, as early as 5am I took off to Oda to authenticate her story and also provide the necessary help she might need through TIA. I called before moving from the house, on my way around 8:45 there about, she called and asked where I have reached n I told her Asamankese.. And she was like ' okay'. I got to Akim Oda around 9:30am. I started calling her, no response. I texted her no response.used different lines to reach her ..still no response. It's 5pm And she hasn't called to even asked where I have reached". - Nana Tia recounting.

Again, he added that the lady was so smart to use his name to authenticate her post and got her way through. He then advised his members to always contact the Admins before they send money or any offer to anybody or do it at their own risk. 

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