Goodnews: Life Saving Drugs For Coronavirus Discovered

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The British Government on Tuesday has announced that the dexamethasone will now be used on patients Infected with COVID19 virus.

This was made known by the UK Government right after several researchers in the UK identified the new drug, which was able to decrease the risk of COVID19 death.

It was gathered that for those COVID19 patients in ventilators, the said drug was able to reduce the death risk by one-third and for those on oxygen by one fifth.

The drug, which is widely available and also cheap can as well help out in saving lives of patients who are seriously ill with the COVID19 virus.

Experts in the UK made claims that the low-dose steroid treatment that was earlier tested in March and June was a significant breakthrough towards the fight against COVID19.

According to the British Prime Minister - Boris Johnson, he revealed that there was an authentic case to celebrate such a remarkable British scientific achievement.

However, he added that the UK Government has moved into action to guarantee enough supplies.

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