Why there Are No Chairs or Benches for Worshippers in Mosques

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Different religions have different practices around the world. In most places of worship, you always find benches or chairs for the worshippers but this is different for Mosques.

Just like different religions, Muslims have different things that they carry out during a worship session. In most Christian places of worship, the business there require people to sit on benches or chairs during the services. Islamic services on the other hand involve activities that do not require chairs.  

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Those who have gone to the Mosques or even Muslims will tell you that there are no benches or chairs in the mosques. But do you know why this happens while most places of worship have chairs neatly arranged for their worshippers? Well, this is because of the different ways of worship that Muslims practice. 

The movements during a worship session in a Mosque do not allow for the chairs or even benches. When praying, Muslims “sujood” or lie prostrate making it difficult to sit on a chair. In different phases, worshipers will need to sujood and that is why a person who visits a mosque for the first time may be surprised by the absence of seats. 

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Muslims prostrate, bow and squat throughout the worship. Doing this between the chairs will make it difficult. One of the Islamic doctrines is that they sit cross legged on the floor. That practice would not allow the placement of chairs and that is why mosques only have nice carpets on the floor for worshippers.   

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