Incredible idea of a son of a pepper seller in Nigeria sends a message to the world. See what he di.


A son of a pepper seller in one of the giant countries of Africa, Nigeria has created something very incredible. The young man by name Olufela Omokeko is reported by the BBC and other media channels as using his artistic knowledge and skills to send a message which did not only end on the shores of Nigeria but the world at large.

His message was and is loud and clear: to create visual representation of the plight of vegetable sellers like his mother and perhaps producers in Nigeria and other places about the impact of Covid19 and its lockdowns on societies. He uses his art work to also encourage people to abide by the Covid19 safety protocols.

The ingenious artist highlights on the hike in prices of vegetables such as onions and the decomposition of others such as tomatoes.

Artistic work of Olufela

A careful display of red, yellow and green pepper on boards with tomatoes dangling on nets decomposes to send a visual image to individuals about the consequences of the Covid19 if measures are not obeyed.

Olufela at work

Omokeko doesn't want us to go back to the era of lockdowns and therefore entreat each and every one to wear face masks and follow other precautions.

As some African countries embarks on mass Covid19 vaccinations, we can begin to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Well done to this genius young man with his amazing artistic work and message to us all.

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