Wajackoyah Continue Mesmerizing Kenyans As He Makes Another Unique Promise Ahead Of August Poll

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Is he the man of the moment? Definitely George Wajackoyah may have expressed his interest for the presidential seat late. He may have seemed like a joker at first but as we are currently speaking, it is undeniable that George Wajackoyah is among the most famous people in the country.

What made George Wajackoyah to rise so quick are his unique kind of promises. At first, he left Kenyans talking after claiming that he will legalize marijuana plantation for export then when the people were still digesting that point, he dropped another promise as he said that he will support snake farming in the country.

Bhang and snakes aside, George Wajackoyah has continued mesmerizing Kenyans as he made another unique promise ahead of the much awaited August poll. According to reports, the Roots party presidential candidate now says that if given power, the country will start exporting dog meat in order to generate enough revenue to pay the country's debt.

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