5 Lessons Men Should Learn As Nigerian Man Was Sent Packing By His White Wife For Not Cooking


It is a common practice among Nigerians and other African people to travel abroad in search of a greener pasture. This is because of the poor economy of the country. Nigerians who have no family or relatives abroad also aspire to live in diaspora. They care not about having relatives or family there before they go there because their aim is to go outside the country in search of a greener pasture abroad.

Nigerians in diaspora.

Some Nigerians have successfully taken this path and they succeeded. Some of them were lucky to secure a job in diaspora and make money to live comfortably. However, some others are lucky to marry white women and thus become citizens of the country they had migrated to. The fact is that not every Nigerians that was lucky to have white women as spouses are actually successful in diaspora, there are still some others who live fully under the control of the white women they have married.

see pictures of Nigerian men marrying white women.

Few hours ago, the Punchnews reported a video news of a Nigerian man who was sent packing by his white wife because he was unable to cook because he was tired when he came back from work. 

In the video, the Nigerian man can be seen sleeping outside on a street bench covering himself with a long soft cloth. A man was seen interviewing the helpless man. The man was asked why he was sleeping outside and he disclosed that he was sent packing by his wife because he couldn't cook for her after he came back from work due to the fact that he was exhausted.

Below are the pictures from the scene.

This news has gone viral on social media and some people found it ridiculous to the man while some others found it as laughable as they tend to laugh with its seriousness. This is a serious case and it shouldn't be treated with levity. There are lessons to learn from the horrible story of that man. Both Nigerian men who are living in the country and Nigerian men who live in diaspora have some lessons to learn from the shocking experience of that man.

As a popular adage has it, "the one that fell into a trench teaches others to be mindful of the path they are treading". On this note, Nigerian men who are living within the country and Nigerian men who are living in diaspora should take note of the lessons deduced from the story of that man to prevent them from experiencing the same thing he had experienced.

Five Lessons Men should Learn From The Story Of The Man.

1. You should scrutinize the wife you want to marry to know her characters: this is why courtship is very important before marriage, you have to examine carefully the woman you want to marry to be fully aware of her characters; what she can do and what she can't do.

2. Avoid bad-tempered and irritable women: if you realize the woman you want to marry is irritable, you should let her go because she may hurt you someday due to her biliousness. 

3. Work for your money: as a man you should work for your own money. Do not seek favour from your wife. There is nothing bad in it if a woman helps her husband but women are very lousy; they will announce the favour the day their husbands offend them. This is just an attitude of most women, they can be very insultive.

4. Learn how to pacify your wife when she is annoyed: some men are very unskilled to pacify their women while they are angry. This is bad, you should be able to pacify your wife when she is mad at you. Women have a very weak heart and they can easily get emotional. If your wife is mad at you, tell her you admit your wrong and tell her you are sorry. Some women only want to hear 'I am sorry' from you and that's all. Their anger will fade when you tell them you are sorry. Men should normalize saying their apologies while they wrong their wives. It does not kill. Some homes have become shattered because men couldn't say sorry while they wronged their wives.

5. Build your own house: you should build your own house even if your wife is prosperous and she has a number of houses. If you live under your wife's house, you may be sent packing the very day you wrong her. That's the attitude of most women, though not all. So a rational man should be aware of the fact that woman's favour cannot last forever. The very moment you wrong her, you may be denied access to her assets.

Nigerian man sent Packing by his white wife for not cooking(video)

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Source: The Punchnews.

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