Top Three Most Fashionable Male Artists in Kenya (opinion).

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If you are an artist, you must invest in your fashion, it plays a very huge role in marketing your brand and also describing you and also gaining fame. Iam glad that Kenyan artists have realized this and now days, they invest in their outfits. But here are top three Kenyan artists who really drip in dope expensive outfits.


Emmanuel King well known as Masterpiece, is a Kenyan gospel artist, who really drips and dresses in very dope expensive label outfits. Masterpiece knows how to match his dressing code, that is why you will always find him im dope outfits. He has really invested in his fashion, starting from hairstyle s to the shoe game. Below are photos of Masterpiece that proves he is the king of Fashion in East Africa.

2.Otile Brown

He is the Kenyan songbird and he is among the Kenyan male artists who are loved by most ladies. He has really done alot in his music career. For me Otile is currently the best artist in Kenya. Otile also knows how to rock, in dope expensive outfits. He has been spotted severally in public wearing very dope and amazing outfits. Below are some of the photos of Otile wearing dope outfits.


Bahati is also another Kenyan artist who has had a very excellent year in his music career. The year is not yet over but Bahati has already achieved alot. Bahati has really invested in his fashion, and he has been able to prove to Kenyans that he knows how to drip and match well his expensive outfits. Below are photos of Bahati wearing expensive outfits that proves he is among the top three most fashionable artists in Kenya.

Those are the top three most fashionable artists in Kenya, according to my research. What are your comments on this.

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