Desire - What It Is And How To Use It To Attain All You Need In Life


There are many achievements and great innovations that have been recorded throughout history. Many of these were achieved through great desire from men and women of ideas.

Everything in life can be received with a strong desire. Desire is the strong longing to receive something or cause a thing to happen.

It is a strong urge that stirs up within a man that causes him attain that which he seeks. The Bible makes us understand in Proverbs chapter 18 that, desire causes a man to separate himself, to search for wisdom.

When this is applied in a broad sense, it means with desire, a man can achieve whatever they set their hearts to do; whether good or bad.

There are lots of innovations in our time, and looking back at the history of these things, we realize these innovators failed many times.

But because of the desire they had to see theirs works accomplished, they were able to succeed. Desire has caused great technological innovations as well as destructive weapons.

With desire, men have sought great depths into the power of God and have attained great manifestations of his power. To grow in our Christian walk, Paul admonishes new born babes to desire the sincere milk of the word of God.

With desire, one seeks to know the deep revelations of the word of God and now grows to become a teacher of the word.

The place of desire in our Christian growth cannot be overemphasized. At every stage in our lives, we must desire to gain higher heights. Paul again tells believers to desire Spiritual gifts.

David also desired of the Lord to always seek after him. Desire always goes with separating oneself and seeking after God.

The things you desire determines the outcome of your life. When you only desire material things which soon passes away, your life will only experience temporary happiness.

But as David, let the Lord be your desire. Separate yourself and seek him, and you shall surely experience great manifestations of the Glory of God.