"Drama" See What Is Happening In Apam Community As Drowned Teens Make Final Journey Home [Video]


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Death is inevitable, it is a phase in life everyone will undergo at some point in life. The gap left behind by our loved ones is usually tough to be filled but we have to let them rest in peace.

Today March 16, 2021 mark the mass burial for the teenagers who got drowned in the Apam river on 6th March 2021. The teenagers went there to have some fun, though going to beaches was restricted by the government due to the Covid-19 but the teenagers flout the rules.

The incident turns the whole country upside down since something like that has never happened before.

The videos and pictures coming from the community show how painful this incident has cost the people, as some of the parents of the teenagers share an emotional story. 

Out of the 13 teenagers, one was a girl and the rest are boys.

One of the parents revealed he came purposely from Spain to take his two sons, which the date for them to set-off was 12 of March 2021.

Tears keep rolling down from the eyes of the people as the teenagers were finally laid to rest.

The community again is thanking everybody who came to support their victims in kind, and cash and all.

See the pictures below;

Watch the full video here

May their soul rest in peace.

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