What do you leave our Lord Jesus Christ and went ot other gods which will send you hell to see


People of God. You are more Precious than to leave Jesus Christ and go to seek other gods which will send you to hell for help.

Jesus Christ is the only one who will ever save us from every evil and give us eternal glory and mercy in our lives and everything we need.

What do you went out from the Greatest Kingdom of God to see? Matthew 11 verse 7. This is the most important question that Jesus Christ has ask the unbeliever or hipocrites, who are claiming to be in the Church, yet they are not rooted Totally into the faith of God in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ.

But can anytime take their life to consult other gods which are filled with satanic powers and will lead them to hell.

Jeremiah chapter 8. Reading it from the verse 1 to end at verse 22. Also, God is so anoid with His people who refuse to Love Him and Serve Him. But rather choose to be following other God's. And false Prophets. And sun and moon and heavenly host servants.

Because God want us to be with Him only, that's why He provides free air for us, free water and many other great things, which lucifer can't give to anybody.

Walk with God in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ only. Bless You.

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