Throwback: "Fela makes love three hours daily" (photos)

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A banner headline of the "Lagos Weekend", Friday, April 5, 1991 stated that Fela makes love three hours daily. 

See Nigerians Reactions after historyville shared the newsppapers page on internet

Emmanuel, "He lived and enjoyed his life to the fullest and I believe he has no regrets for that. RIP Anikulapo"

Landlord, "Fela is a Great Man also the voice of the voiceless and he always speak against the government when ever there go wrong,most of the things he said then are happening Now Because we fear to fight for Freedom, Liberty, Justice, we Always have the reason to fear because we fear what we didn't see, police Man go slap your face you won't talk And Army Man will weep your yash you will be looking like a Donkey, Fela is a Legend Also a Revolutionalist We miss him."

Buka, "But Buhari served more than 3 hours daily in the oza room without weed and drink.. and he is still alive serving with all his might"

Akinwolo, "At the end of each three hours service his wives would thought he was coming not knowing that he was gradually going. #AbamiEda"

Olati, "What most pple do not knw is that the then Nigerian government were trying their possible best to sink his reputation with fake news"

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