3 Eating Mistakes you Should Avoid


The body needs food to function properly. Good eating practices provide it with enough nutrients. The following are mistakes which hinder smooth running of the body.

Eating little amounts of food

This is mainly caused by stress, depression, low appetite or personal choice. It often results in low immunity, constipation, constant fatigue and feeling cold. Eat nutrient filled foods including breakfast and add an extra meal to your day so that your body gets all the nourishment it needs. 

Eating food because of boredom or for comfort

Snacks such as chocolates, cakes and crisps can be addictive. These foods contain high amounts of fat and sugar which create a feeling of happiness but they also cause extra weight gain. This can be prevented by snacking on fruits and healthier alternatives such as baked foods in place of fried ones.

Eating what is readily available

Cooking may seem like a chore compared when compared to purchasing already cooked meals or instant food. While convenient, it makes it hard to eat healthy meals. You can invest in a fridge and precook meals and store them to make your work easier and less time consuming.

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