Wonders In Ngong Kajiado County As A Phone Snatcher Hangs On Live Electric Wires In Fear Of Mob


Courtesy of the screengrab video, a man in Ngong Kajiado county is seen hanging on live wires. This was in fear of the angry mob who were after him. The man was a phone Snatcher suspect. According to a viral video circulating on social media platforms, the Snatcher is seen hanging carelessly on live wires regardless of knowing the danger of electricity.courtesy

Was the suspect after a faster death? It as if being electrocuted is far much better than being clobbered by an angry mob until death. In the viral video, women's voices are heard pleading with the angry mob to let the suspect go and spare his dear life.Courtesy.

Other voices are heard demanding him to strip naked before going down the pole for him to be spared. His fate currently by now remains unknown. Electricity is known to be one of the most dangerous things that one can joke about. Joking around with live electric wires may result in electrocution hence the death of the involved.

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Video: https://fb.watch/6xyzHSwB4q/

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