What mistakes have you made in your marriage? Married people share their advice. See comments

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26 June 2022

Source https://www.facebook.com/117009575586584/posts/pfbid02WsUg8bg9jtsJBNmFQs1QK1uHc6gBPjAoxmB72KnHudC6Mp8jjpHBzGh6qtjaGzVNl/

There is no such a thing as a perfect marriage neither perfect family. People stay in their imperfect marriage and hide it to the public as if all is well. This is especially for women who are always told to nyamezela or gquma Amanyal omzi wakho (be patient or hide the imperfect things happening in your family).

Social media has made it easier for married people to share their hardships without being judged. When a Facebook user posted that, what mistakes have you made in your marriage that you don't want young ones to make in the future. Share your advice. People willing shared their unkind, horrific experiences that they have been subjected to at the hands of their spouses or in-laws.

The post generated over 750 genuine comments and advice. More than the advice people saw this as a platform that they can share their painful lives, right there in the public. Top three advice that was given was especially to women

1. Have your own source of income

2. Do not loose your yourself into the marriage, always put yourself first

3. Do not get married at all cost, for example paying your own lobola

Marriage should this beautiful union, that both parties complement each other. It should not be hurting, if it not what it should be seek help, seek counseling.

Are you married? What advice do you have for unmarried people. What should they do different to experience the beauty of marriage. Please share your thoughts, opinions, advice

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