8 Awesome Kitchen Tools You’ll Want To Get Right Away


Pancake Pen

This gadget can actually be used to draw any shape, write something or create any picture with this handy and it is very easy-to-use pancake pen.

Citrus Reamer

Unlike the other citrus reamer, this one has a special attachment that catches the pulp and seeds, therefore you can use squeezed juice, there’s mothing unwanted in it.

Herb saver

This herb saver has the ability to keep your herbs fresh longer, you just fill it with water and keep it in the fridge.

Potato Brush 

It is a small and very handy kitchen tool that can scrub spuds clean with tough bristles and easily removes potato eyes with a plastic point.

Spoon and ladle

It is a wonderful handy device that has a flat squeegee tip to scrape and a deep scooping head with useful measuring lines. A simple twist of the handle transforms it from a spoon into a ladle.

Adjustable rolling pin

It actually make it so easy to cook pizzas, pies, cookies or tarts, the width of your dough will be perfect with no effort.

Grape and tomato cutter

People always find it a hard task cutting grapes, cherry tomatoes, olives or any other small food. But with a handy tool like this one makes it easy to quarter small items.

Meat tenderizer

This device has a lot of small and very sharp blades that tenderizes meat or chicken in just a few seconds. Now all your meat dishes will become masterpieces.

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