I Want to Be a Co-Parent but My Family Says No



I am a widow in my early 30's with 3 kids. I made a decision to not marry again but to have 1 more child in addition to the 3 I already have, since it's always been my wish to have 4 kids of my own. I'm working and can take good care of the kids myself without necessarily getting married but, my family wouldn't allow me because they think the kids need to have a daddy in their life and for that matter I need to re-marry.

I have been married b4 and my late husband was my first and is the last man I ever had until he died. Now I have lost interest in marriage because of some experiences I had in my previous marriage of which both my mum and dad are all aware of but, they still wouldn't let me be. 

I have been dating a guy for some months now and he doesn't have a kid yet, neither has he been married before. The issue is, his family doesn't support him dating a mother of 3 kids though they haven't seen me yet. My kids have grown to like him too. We both don't want to let each other go and he isn't a fan of marriage either.

We've both decided to have a child together and live our life like the way we are now forgetting the pressures from both families. With me, I can handle my family but if the pressure from his side becomes too much, I am thinking of allowing him to go and marry someone else if he wants to and I will live my single life with my kids. 

Pleass what do you advice I do? 

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