Energetic moment as man tries to stop a loaded cargo truck from falling. Check what happens next


A man has been videoed trying to hold on to a falling trailer truck, in a last ditch effort to save the truck from falling on its side.

The short video show the unidentified man rushing to hold the side of the heavy vehicle to prevent it from falling.

Would his effort have proved successful in his attempt to stop the vehicle from falling to its side? We doubt it would be possible, because the amount of force /energy required to perform such an act is not possible to be exerted by any man born of a woman. Unless he is some kind of a DC or Marvel movie Character in the person of a Superman, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor or anyother character capable of doing so.

What caused the sudden collapse of the is not yet knon and the identity of the said man in the video as well.

We appreciate his superheroic effort to save the day, but this is beyond his reach. Maybe he should try directing traffic or helping his community

MissChris newshub-gh@operanewshub.com

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