Read What Bobrisky Said After Tonto Dikeh Unfollowed Him On Social Media


Celebrities are always at each other especially when they are no longer finding themselves interesting. The Nigeria cross dresser, Bobrisky and Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh have been a close friends for long now but is unfortunate to see how their relationship is going sour. At the initial time they were cool to each other and most times they were seen hanging out together.

However, Bobrisky reacted after Tonto Dikeh unfollowed him on his social media handle. Though Bobrisky vow never to reveal what happened between the two as he still cares and take her as his sister. Sometimes the friendship we think is the best don't always end well. And that is why is not good to give all your time and resources to friendship.

However, according to Bobrisky and he said "Tonto you unfollowed me and I blocked you. Sister I still love you thou, I will be the last person to start ranting what happened between us." Though Bobrisky said he will never reveal what is bringing quarrel between both of them.

He further said "5 years of friendship, well it worth a break. Even husband and wife use to fight not alone friends." Bobrisky has vow never to reveal what transpired between both of them on Instagram. Both of them have been having this issue and they refused to let the cat out of the bag.

As Bobrisky decide not to reveal their secret is a good one because that is what a try friend supposed to do. No matter how you and your friends quarrel revealing her secret is totally wrong. There are people who are like that, they use what their friend told them against him or her.

One thing I understand about some celebrities is that, they get pissed off so easily. They supposed to know that people are looking up to them as role model, and coming on social media to argue or quarrel with one another is not that right. I think they can settle whatever issue they have among themselves privately without letting other ear to know about it.