'I Am A Village Girl And I Hardly Apply Anything On My Face.' Vera Tells Her Fans

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Lately Vera Sidika's fans have been complimenting Vera's Natural Face. Vera Sidika is a top Celebrity in Kenya. Recently Vera Sidika Welcomed her first baby girl who is called Baby Asia. Vera is a well renowned Socialite and entrepreneur. Most fans have told Vera to help them with her normal Face Care Routine because her face is very Smooth and always glowing.

Vera has responded to her fans request and Vera has Revealed that she hardly does any face care routine. In fact Vera has said that she is just an ordinary village girl and she hardly knows any thing to apply so that one can have a smooth face. Vera emphasized that probably it might be her genes which are contributing to her smooth face. See Screenshots of Vera Sidika's reply to fans below on her Instagram stories page. Below are Photos of Vera Sidika's Natural face without Make up.

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