A 72 year old man spends 5 years in hospital without his family looking for him

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Man abbanded by his family spends 5 years in hospital doctors call for help 

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Families do mostly stop caring about old people when they can't do anything for themselves anymore , they feel like that are just a burden to them , in this article we cover a story on an old man who has been in hospital for five(5) years now , the doctors and the health department have reported that no one came looking for the old man .

After all the years , the stay if the man in hospital raises questions of how we treat our grandparents in our homes , how can a 72 year old spend over five years in a hospital bed without the family looking for him ? is this how the family thanks Mr Elise Nkosi for the years he has invested in his family ? the sacrifices he made for his family .

What does the community say about the disappearance of the 72-year-old ? do they bother looking for him ? if they did , he could have been found long time ago.

South Africa , we need to take care of our grandparents regardless of what their history is , the fact is that , they have not always done bad things , they have done good things to , let's take that into account and take good care of them , at the end of the day , we need them and they us .

Let's not only prich kindness on social media , let's also practice being kind to one another and open our hearts and hands to those who need help . if you have any information about where the family of Mr Elise Nkosi is please contact hospital social worker on : 011 891 7010 , he has been at the Thelle Mogoerane Regional hospital for the past five years , please assist in locating his family. 

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