Gideon Moi Claims It Was An Impromptu Visit In Kabartonjo Town, But Pictures Says It All


Gideon Moi in Kabartonjo Town.

High tension can be felt by political leaders who are eyeing various seats in the country come twenty twenty two General Elections. Baringo County Senator Gideon Moi is the talk of the day after attracting a handful of a crowd in Kabartonjo Town which he termed as a mammoth crowd a remark that has left most Kenyans reacting sarcastically.

He also defends the low turn out of people as a result of an impromptu visit. According to my dictionary impromptu visit is unplanned visit. According to the pictures doing round a lot of red is conspicuous in the crowd a scenario which has left Kenyans talking.

He tweeted;

Netizens Reacted.

Matty: I almost believed you till I realized everyone there was paid up. See the colors boy; it's not a coincidence! Anyway, its time you started giving back what your father stole but leadership in your family again is a big; NEVER!

Kibet: 'Enthusiastic Mammoth Crowd?' Do you have to put it that way? You sound a political starter.

James: After criticizing the Dp Ruto on fundraising on churches now you are following his steps ?Join him and form a coalition.


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