Single Motherhood : Reasons Why The Victims Deserve Some Accolades And Not Marginalization

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The concept of single motherhood is not totally new. Aside hearing and reading about it, some of us are products of it. Whether we want to believe it or not, the very moment a man abandons the woman and the child in his life without performing his duties as a husband and father, he has automatically put the woman in question into the position of single motherhood(whether he lives in the same house with her or out of reach). It is never an easy thing for a lady who felt and thought the man who is in her life whom she shared her body and all of her with to cope with when she eventually wake up to the reality that she is all alone.

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It is true that life by default is not fair and will never be fair, but at least, expecting humans to be fair to and with each other is not too much to ask for. The way some of us act and treat those who are single mothers is far from fair, but if only in the process of treating them (single mothers) unfairly we remember that they were not born that way; and also recall that their position is only made possible through the involvement of men who fail to take responsibility for their actions, we will be kind and empathetic towards anyone who is a single mother. How can we make single moms feel bad when we pretend as if the men who put them in the condition they are without taking responsibility are exempted?

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Needless to say, behind most single mothers are men who did not man up to take responsibility for what they did with the women.

Nonetheless, no matter what the case may be, single mothers do not deserve any form of marginalization for any reason but rather, they should be given some accolades. Why? The reasons below are justification.

1. Making the decision to keep their pregnancy when they had every opportunity to abort it. A human who kept the life of another human when she could possible do away with it should be given some special treatment for making such a brave decision. Some of these women were even neglected by the men who put them into the family way when they were pregnant, but in spite of that, they stayed put and took bold step to safeguard the life of their unborn child. Some under their condition got involved into some strenuous jobs just to provide for themselves since the men who were supposed to be there for them were no where to be found.

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2. Going through unpleasant situations to singlehandedly take care of the needs of their children. Imagine a lady who just gave birth putting the child on her back to work just to make ends meet when she was supposed to be at home resting after labour pains and all the stress that followed it. How about those that hawk, do all manners of menial jobs under the scorching sun to source for money to take care of themselves and their helpless children? Do you know how many times she may have had sleepless nights, shedding tears thinking of what to do the next day to provide for their kids due to absence of the man who ought to be there for them?

In my own opinion, rather than shame and marginalize single mothers, the men who abandoned them and shied away from their responsibilities should be called out.

May God bless and keep every single mother out there for their selflessness and the sacrifices they daily make alone for their children. They are the most valuable personalities!

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