Kenyans Never Learn as This Happens After Oil Carrying Track Overturns in Naivasha


Despite the most used joke "Kenya sihami" people from this country are so reluctant to observe the law that not only used to govern them but even that which is meant to protect and safeguard their lives.

It is with a saddened heart reporting that earlier today a truck ferrying Petroleum oil overturned at Naivasha on Nakuru highway, spilling the fuel all over, and despite having been warned against rushing to the scene for the fuel, Kenyans did not hesitate to do the usual and some even could be seen on the top of the truck trying to get the fuel that was not guarded before police arrived to safeguard it.

By good luck, the driver was not injured and is safe but the cause of the accident is yet to be determined, which made to overturn and block the entire road causing a high traffic jam.

It's with great sorrow that Kenyans have never learned from the past incidences, with the Sachangwan case being the fatal one that took away many lives after the fuel bust into flames killing those who were scrambling for fuel. They still don't fear and listen to warnings against scrambling for fuel in an event that a fuel truck happens to cause an accident due to the tragedy that might befall them.


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