Sad News| R350 Grant Applicants Will Not Be Happy About This

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When President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the restoration of the R350 grant, South Africans ecstatically leaped for joy. He said that the grant was returned due to a variety of causes, including the free Jacob Zuma protests, which wreaked havoc on infrastructure and disrupted people's lives. He stated that the award will begin in August and run until March 2022.

Applications have already been submitted, but there appears to be a major difficulty with when these candidates will receive their first payment. Payments will be paid as soon as all applications have been completed, according to the South African social security office, but the system has been crashing due to the overwhelming number of applications. With the promise of a first pay at the end of the month, it's clear that people shouldn't get their hopes up.

More than 7 million South Africans applied for the award when it was launched in March last year, but it took more than three months for recipients to get their first payment. Although it was stated that this time will be speedier, the South African social security office is experiencing the same difficulties.

The processing of applications takes time, and the receiving of applications is also problematic. People should not get their hopes up and should only expect their first payouts by the end of September, in my opinion. It should be reminded that sassa can make double payments, thus if August payments do not go through on schedule, South Africans will receive two payments in August.

The most serious mistake the agency might have made is to restart the application process, which would lengthen the time it takes to review the applications aND pay out the funds.

How do you feel about it? Have you reapplied for the 350, or are you still having trouble getting your application accepted? Was the money supposed to arrive at the end of the month?

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