OPINION| Does Julius Malema have the authority to do this ?

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Does he have the authority to do that this is an abuse of power as a parliamentarian, he is legally enjoined with the powers to influence parliament to instruct the department of labour to do that using their labour Inspectors. Julius can't be the law unto himself whilst I agree and support his cause, I do not support the way he is doing it without the involvement of the department of labour. The issue that he seeks to address falls within the realm of the labour department' jurisdiction, he is reacting to his party being rejected last year LGE for saying people must jump borders people showed him. That is why he is now reacting to a situation which rejected him, a hypocrite of high note.

His bad utterances are catching up with him I can support Minister Motswaledi to deal with errant and illegal foreigners who must leave our country, not what that Malema's bully attitude as if he owns South Africa and her people. Julius can even be arrested for his wrong tactics if he can confront the restaurant owners, outside the ambit of the law. He can't just enter everybody's business and do as he likes as if those businesses belongs to his parents, they are private properties and doesn't belong to the state. Who put you in charge, are you trying to get more votes ? these business should not allow you entry, because you are only using this as an opportunity to graft, go get some consistency lessons fir


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