Mzansi reaction to young couple who got married at home affairs

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Most girls have a clear vision of their dream wedding since they were still young. A big wedding, a beautiful white gown and a beautiful ring with mr right ofcourse. Unfortunately life is not a walk of bliss, we all have different journeys.

Some do get their dream wedding, some get something different than what they wanted and some simply don't even get married. We also have to bear in mind that marriage is not the wedding. After the wedding then start marriage, some do live their happily ever after while others live in loveless marriages.

Others just want a big wedding just for show or maybe the pressure of seeing other people's glamorous wedding ceremonies. The rule is simple when it comes to preparing for a wedding, make sure you stick to what you can afford and stick to the budget. Don't find yourself in debts just because you wanted to please people.

Mzansi showed some love to this young couple who shared their pictures getting married at home affairs. No big wedding, fancy clothes and all the things that come with doing a wedding ceremony. They looked beautiful and happy in their simple outfits as they signed at their nearest home affairs. Their pictures were circulated on social media as people were inspired by them.

Some shared it on Facebook and people shared their views about getting married at home affairs. Some loved the idea of something like this which is intimate and small, while others prefer big weddings because it is something so special worth to the remembered. Link:

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