Reactions After Ghanian Millionaire Was Captured Cooking With A Child Strapped To His Back


One man by the name Daniel McKorley, when viral after circulating in social media whereby he was captured cooking in a kitchen with a child strapped to his back.In most communities, men are considered different from women where women play roles of caring children and doing all other octivities at home especially household but Daniel Mckorley, has a different view.

From what he posted in one of the social media he said, we are in a generation where mothers and fathers are considered equal partners since they have one thing in common to participate as a family.

However, from the reality, household work and children raising responsibilities are still seen as mother's work, some communities even in kenya consider it as a taboo when a man carry a baby on his back.

According to the millionaire, he said it is wrong to assume being responsible husband and caring father, who is reliable and responsible at home.

He added by saying, duties like washing dishes, cleaning the bathroom, cooking for the family, even taking care of the baby doesn't mean you are doing your wife's work it also your job since you are the Head of the house and the head make a good example.

Family is a team, therefore fathers and mothers are expected to work together to achieved goals of supporting and raising their family.

Check full information on what Daniel posted in one of his social media:


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