All of the victims of the Enyobeni Tavern tragedy have been identified.

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According to the Eastern Cape Health Department, the final body of one of the 21 persons who passed away as a result of the tragedy that occurred at the Enyobeni Tavern has been identified. According to Yonela Dekeda, a spokesperson for the health department, this signifies that all of the bodies have been identified and given back to their families. The tragic events that led to the deaths of the adolescents, whose ages varied from 13 to 17, took place early on Sunday morning in a bar located in Scenery Park. According to Thembinkosi Kinana, a spokesman for the province police, they are still waiting for the results of the forensic investigation to determine the cause of death.

Because toxicological tests were performed on samples obtained from the remains, he believes that the accusations that a dangerous substance is suspected to have been the cause of the deaths are untrue.

Reports to the contrary are not accurate at this time. As representatives of the South African Police Service, we are announcing that after the relevant authorities have made the report accessible to the public, the SAPS will be the only formal platform to inform the general public as well as the relevant families. We have not yet explored the cause of death because the autopsy report does not contain any material that may possibly suggest anything.


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