Photos: Lagos driver turn jerrican to fuel tank


If you have being to Lagos for a short vacation or you base there, you will definitely understand why the message on the billboard at the entrance reads, "This is Lagos" and not "Welcome to Lagos". Lagos is a place that is definitely not for the weak, and that's why when people are traveling to Lagos, they are seriously warned about being vigilant. It's a place where you need to shine your eyes very well, be smart or get outsmarted, that's Lagos for you, everyone came there to hustle.

The unthinkable unfolded before our eyes after a Twitter user identified as @VictorIsrael_ shared photos of what he saw in a public transport in Lagos. The bus probably had a faulty fuel tank, and the driver devised a means of getting fuel. He made use of a twenty litre keg in place of a fuel tank. Should we call this creativity or a risky act?

Some other users on Twitter reacted with photos of similar experience they had in Lagos while using a public transport.

Lagos is a place in which virtually everyone are of the ideology, "Bad as e bad, man must survive".