Ghana's renewable resources is the way out of Dumsor.


Dumsor has been a major problem and what is the Government doing about it?. Ghanaians are “crying” but nothing is being done, business are collapsing because of dumsor. I am a writer, and being a writer, I need to catch up to all the latest news trending on social media and how do I do that, I have to be on my phone and my computer to do that but due to Dumsor, I sometimes miss out on trending news. 

I believe the only way the Government of Ghana can solve this problem of dumsor is solar energy. The universe shines its light upon us through the sun, the Government can invest and tap the energy from the sun to generate electricity for big companies in Ghana which will also reduce the pressure on the National grid. Moreover, all the big companies in the country could join forces with the Government in solving the problem of dumsor through the use of solar energy. 

The huge amount of electricity bills are being paid by Ghanaians and at the end less electricity would be enjoyed. I honestly don't see any way out of this problem until the Government invest in renewable resources. Although the electricity Company of Ghana has released a dumsor timetable but, I don't think the timetable is well followed, the power goes off and on at anytime. Blackout has become a normal thing in Ghana but, electricity is very important to business firms to operate fully and for household activities. Ghana is endowed with renewable resources, It is about time the Government paid attention to renewable resources to reduce the power crisis in the country.  

I will state it again, solar energy will greatly reduce the dependence on the National grid because, if the Government invest more into solar energy, It'll augment the energy supply and in turn the problem of power outages or dumsor would be solved in years to come. The problem of dumsor can't be solved overnight or in a day, It'll take time and the Government alone can't do it, all hands must be on deck to kick dumsor out of Ghana.