Aisha Yesufu Blows Hot On All Educated Northerners Over Insecurity, Read What She Angrily Told Them

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Aisha Yesufu is not finding it funny with all the educated Northerners as insecurity seem to increase and perpetuate in the North. She is obviously angry with Northerners, especially graduates and educated ones of all levels. She suddenly blew hot on them over what is happening in the North recently.

Aisha Yesufu condemn their inability to liberate their people. She condemn their inability to stand up for their people. She frown at their inability to use their voices as graduates to speak for their people. She is unhappy for their inability to use their numbers to help their people.

Aisha Yesufu angrily told them that they have failed. She even said that failure is absolutely and seriously "ashamed" of them.

Read what she wrote.

" To all the educated Northern Youth

You have failed!

You have failed to liberate your people. 

You have failed to stand for your people. 

You have failed to be a voice for your people. 

You have failed to use your numbers.

Failure is absolutely and seriously ashamed of you all."

I think it is high time Northerners, especially the educated ones stood up and defend themselves. These killings, abduction and terrorism in the North is eyes melting.

Dear Northerners, please help yourselves, we love you and we want you all alive.

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