Knowing Who Your True Enemies Are Is Very Important

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"So, what shall we say in response to these events? Who can be against us if God is on our side?" Romans 8:42

Read: Psalm 35:1–7 

Is there any evidence that your adversary has a valid claim against you? Are you certain your opponent has no legitimate reason to attack you? These are the questions you must answer before enlisting the help of God, the Great Ally, in your life's war. If you are the genuine enemy of yourself, requesting divine assistance against your foes will be unproductive. 

How can one be his or her own worst enemy? In today's memory verse, you'll find the answer. If you breach heavenly laws, you can turn against yourself, and this has ramifications. "Will a man steal from God?" You, on the other hand, have robbed me. But you cry out, "Where have we robbed thee?" In the form of tithes and offerings. You have been cursed, because ye have plundered me, even this entire nation. "Malachi 3:8-9

Those who refuse to pay tithes are robbing God. What are you doing that is separating you from your creator, the one who is supposed to be your steadfast ally? You must answer this issue before calling God to be your Ally, so you don't invite someone you consider an enemy, which would be the ultimate irony. I've taught my children many times that there is only one person who can be against us when God wants to be for us, and that person is us! 

".....Out of thine own tongue will I judge thee, thou evil servant......," the nobleman replied to the unprofitable servant in Luke 19:22.

When we misuse God's sanctuary, whether via sexual immorality or indecent dressing, we might cause enmity with the Greatest Ally. According to 1 Corinthians 3:17, anyone who ruins God's temple will be destroyed. When you dress in a way that can destroy another person, you create animosity between yourself and God. As a result, God will not be able to help you in your time of need. This is why you must make certain that your relationship with God is never in jeopardy. When you embrace Jesus as your Lord and give up all bad behaviors, you can achieve this.

Continue to live Holy if you have already been born again. When you do, God will battle for you and humiliate your foes in ways you never dreamed possible. I implore you, beloved, to not be an enemy to yourself and to always be on God's side.

Examine yourself to be certain that the Greatest Ally is not just your God, but also your friend.

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