How to lighten up your armpits in less than 3 days. Bring back your confidence!

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The person's confidence can be reduced by so many things. There's nothing embarrassing as wearing an outfit which reveals dark armpits. As a result, you end up stopping wearing vests and boob tubes because your embarrassing armpits.

Well, the time has arrived for you to clean up those armpits which controls you on what to wear and not what to wear. Follow up this three days challenge to see the difference.

Here's what you gonna need:

1. Lemon

You gonna need lot of lemons because it's for three days

2. Baking soda

3. Tumeric

The baking soda doesn't have to be organic

4. Water

You gonna need a little bit of water.

How to do it?

Step 1

First of all you start by rolling the lemon until it becomes watery inside so that you may use its juice. After that, you cut it into half then rub it to your dark armpits. Rubbing your armpits with lemon liquid helps to cleanse the deodorants.

Step 2

You make the mixture which consists of the tumeric powder, baking soda and water. On that mixture, squeeze the lemon and mix it it together.

Step 3

Apply the mixture to your armpit by rubbing it all over. After rubbing it, stay for 15 minutes, thereafter go take a shower or bath. Keep on doing it for up to three days then you gonna see a massive change.

Good luck.

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