Belt Matching 101: A Guide For Men

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The popular instruction men get when it comes to the belt is to match brown shoes with a brown belt and a black belt with black shoes. But what if you are not wearing black? What if you are wearing blue shoes? Should you also look for a blue belt? These are loopholes in matching the belt with your outfit, but don't worry. This article will explore simple tips you can use in matching your belt appropriately. 

1. The basic

For formal occasions, a black belt goes with black shoes and a black wristwatch. Similarly, a brown belt goes with brown shoes and a brown wristwatch. Your belt and shoes may not have the same shade, but try to be close as much as possible.

2. Casual

All casual wear, especially clothes and shoes with white, grey, dark grey, and black, wear a black casual belt. On the other hand, any outfit with colored or dark hues, like dark purple, brown, dark green, burgundy, and orange, goes with a brown belt.

3. Other belts

If you have a belt with one bright color or multi-color, you should wear neutral colored clothes. Wearing too many colors may not look too good on you.

4. Coloured shoes

Suppose you have blue or wine shoes, you should wear a brown belt. You should also consider the other colors of your entire outfit.

5. Pants 

Wear a brown belt for your grey pants, except a monochrome; then black is better. For black pants, wear a black belt or a colorful one depending on your entire outfit. If it is blue pants, wear a brown belt.

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