Happy Jele declared a war with Berkane on CAF Cup final

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Orlando Pirates captain Happy Jele says they will be counting on the support of the home fans in the one-off match because of the presence of Nigerian defender Olisa Ndah in their squad.

"We must adapt to all situations. This is Africa, and we must prepare to win the title," Jele told reporters at the pre-match press conference in Uyo on Thursday.

This game it needs experience center back like Thulani Hlatshwayo I think is de right man to b a captain tonight.

Chiefs fans must stop commenting about caf please they must respect them selves this thing is too much for them.

Now you want Nigeria to be on your side? Like seriously the way you treat them in south Africa let them deal with you before the game.

By due respect Mr Jele need to be benched today and Hlatywayo or Lorch lead the team in today match if Pirates want the victory.


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