The first Blow to hit the New IGP is pending: Can Dampare stand it?

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Dr George Akuffo Dampare is currently acting as the next IGP for Ghanaians. Many people have shared their opinion about the caliber of people that Dr George Nsiah Asare is. The calmness, genuienes, humility and many other attributes have been accredited to Dr George Dampare. He have worked passionately for Ghanaians under the outgoing IGP and many can testify his hard work. A lot of views we have gathered across the nation indicate that Dr George Akuffo Dampare is capable to make Ghanaians proud in his new appointment.

others views indicates that COP Kofi Sarong also deserves the position as the IGP. But as it stands now all we can say is that, they are all in the same profession and all we need is the maximum support and cooperation without hatred and panic. This comes to light the first blow that is coming to hit Ghana as soon as Dr George Akuffo Dampare take over from the former IGP. Many will wonder what is the first blow, but be well informed that the first Blow which is about to hit is nothing but the pending fix the country demonstration that will kick off on 14th August 2021.

The outgoing IGP Oppong Boanuah together with the government have given office go-ahead for the fix the country demonstrators to display on the 14th of August 2021 and this will take place exactly after Dr George Akuffo Dampare takes over the new mantle. The good aspect of the case is that, the new IGP will get support from his officials in other to manage the operations of the fix the country demonstrators. On the other hand, we are asking if Dr. Akuffo Dampare can stand it the such activity on the 14th of August 2021.

As far as the Demostration is also a great concern, Captain Smart has also declared his support for such an activity and since Captain Smart is a great influencial to a lot of people in Ghana, it is clear that The demonstration will be a massive one. Therefore all that we are yearning for is to see if the new IGP can stand the operations of the fix the country demonstrators on the 14th August 2021. This will be the first blow and we will see if Dr Dampare will can stand it. His ability to manage such operations will truly define his capabilities as the new IGP.

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