Seven dead after kidnappers and hunters shoot at each other in Ondo


kidnappers has taken to the skies after his captives and Akunnu time hunters, opened fire on each other in the North East Local Government Area of ​​Ondo State.

Reports says seven hijackers, were abducted during the abduction.

As soon as news of the incident reached King Adele Akunnu and Prince Tolani Orogun, at the same time he along with local hunters and other heroes entered the forest and followed the kidnappers.

The move paid off after one of the kidnappers was killed, but his teammates were also beaten.

According to a recent report, the heroes lost the lives of seven people who were first abducted by the kidnappers.

Confirming the report, Adele Orogun explained that the hunters efforts paid off because they knew the area well.

He said the hunters went into the forest and killed, seven people who had been abducted before.

The police chief in charge of Ikare time ACP Razak Rauf, said the seven abductors were indeed abducted and the men were unharmed.

A local elder Ade Aboginije called on the Ondo State government to increase, the number of security guards in the area especially in Akunnu near the Edo and Kogi states.

Many local farmers have reportedly abandoned their farms, due to the abduction and rape of their wives and children.