8 Flight Attendants Secrets That Passenger Do Not Know About


Don not feel ashamed of asking more food

The food that it is delivered onboard by the flight attendants has a short shelf life since it is delivered premade, all the excess containers are thrown away immediately after the flight, so if you ever feel like you are not okay just ask for more and they will serve you

Check the presence of life vest before taking off

There are some few passengers with some negative intentions who might just take with them the life jackets that are placed under their seats. So before anything else makes sure you seat has that life jacket

Try not to be squeamish during the flight

Most airlines do not carry out the superficial cleaning after every flight, the only thing they do is to clean the food trays, wipe the seat trays, clean the carpet, and the blankets are beautifully folded. You cannot be sure who used your seat before you or it was unoccupied.

Be the last person to board

Travelers check in for a flight at different times, just make sure you check in when all the passengers have taken their seats. This helps you to see which seats are empty and you can occupy any of your choice

Do not drink too much alcohol

The way alcohol affects a person when on the ground is very different from how it will affect when on high altitudes. It is believed that one glass in the sky is equal to two on the ground because altitude affects blood such that alcohol will affect you more in the sky, and this might make you feel more relaxed.

Refrain from applause at the end of the flight

After a long flight and a successful landing, everyone is happy and will be so glad to give ardent applause to the pilot for landing safely, passengers are happy to have arrived and to their destination but the crew might consider this gesture insulting because this is not a game but their job

If you accidentally smoke, use the ash tray

In an airplane, you might find the sign ‘NO SMOKING’ but at the same time there are ashtrays in the toilets. People do smoke despite the fine and it’s better to put cigarettes out in the ashtray that on a paper

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